Cinderella’s Ball Handmade Resin Coaster


Cinderella’s Ball is a handmade resin coaster made with plastic buttons. I added some red dye to give it the pinkish tint. You may use it for a coaster, paperweight or just want to display it knowing you have a one of a kind gift. You will get the coaster in the picture. I can make more, but they won’t be the same. That makes this a unique gift for that hard to find person. This is a handmade coaster and with that said there may be some bubble in the coaster due to the mixing and pouring of the resin.

To clean use a damp rag. The coaster is not dishwasher safe. This is not a trivet. Use for your hot or cold drinks only.

– 4 inches round
– 1/4 inch thick
– 5 Cinderella themed buttons
– 4 rubber bumpers on the bottom to protect your furniture
– Pink colored resin

Email me for questions or custom orders.

Combined shipping provided.

Check out the rest of my shop at DovesClosetInc


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