Spiders Handmade Resin Coaster FI0337


Spiders is a handmade resin coaster with two spiders encapsulated in the resin. You have a choice between three colors Black, Orange and Green spiders. Each coaster is four inches round by half inch thick. On the bottom of each coaster is four rubber bumpers to protect your furniture, Use them as a coaster, paperweight, or display it knowing you have a unique item.

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Full Size Eraser


Full Size Handmade Chalkboard Eraser Dry Erase Eraser. Remember your school days when chalkboards ruled? I make a variety of wooden erasers. My full size eraser is made up of hardwood, 8 layers of quarter inch felt, glue, and varnish. The size is almost 6 inches long by 2 1/4 inch wide 1 1/4 inch tall.

– Hardwood designed
– 8 layers of 1/4 inch felt
– Glue
– 3 layers of varnish

Combined shipping provided.

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Extra Large Chalkboard Dry Erase Eraser


Extra Large Chalkboard Eraser Handmade, Dry Erase Eraser Handmade. Each eraser is made from hardwood and is 12 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide and are 1 1/4 inches high. I sand each one smooth and apply a three coats of varnish. The business end of my eraser is made up of 8 rows of 1/4 inch felt glued together. Once finished I glue the felt to the hardwood base.

My erasers work great on chalkboards or dry erase boards. I also have other sizes so check them out as well.
Combined shipping provided.


– Extra Large Eraser
– 12 x 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 inches
– Hardwood base
– 1/4 inch Felt

Evergreen Lake Print Double Matted Ready for Framing FI0229


Evergreen Lake is a print from a painting my wife made. The painting was professionally scanned and prints made from the scan. She double matted the print with a burgundy color outer mat and a black inner mat. The painting is of a sunset with purple clouds over a lake with small islands and silhouetted evergreens. The matted print is ready for a frame that will hold a 14 x 11 picture.

For a custom painting or sketch just email your request. She will reply.


Pink Flowers Handmade Photo Coaster, FI0012


Handmade with my photo “Pink Flowers” this photo coaster will hold all your hot or cold drinks and look good doing it.

I like taking photos of flowers. There was a time when I just wouldn’t take the time to photograph a flower. That all changed when my wife who paints would have me take pictures as reference for her painting. Not it’s hard not to walk by a pretty flower without taking a photo. Now with cameras on our cell phones, the process is even easier.

To create a more custom coaster plaque email me for more information. I will use your photos to create a beautiful gift. Click the link below then click on “Request a custom order” just below the photo.

White Barn Handmade Photo Coaster, FI0007


Handmade photo coaster of a white barn. Each of my coasters are handmade and will withstand daily use with out fail. I make them from ceramic tile, one of my photos, epoxy resin, glue and a foam pad. One of my customers has one or two of his favorite vacation photos made in to coasters to display on a shelf.

They  are not dishwasher or sink safe. To clean just use a damp rag. They are not trivets and should only be used for your hot or cold drinks.

I also make custom photo coasters from your photos. Click on the link below then look for “Create a custom order” below the photo.